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Welcome to Embrace Yoga in Lac La Biche County, a community of warm and welcoming people looking to enjoy life to the fullest!   We have been growing and share the belief that yoga and its experiences are for everyBODY!  Take a look below to find out what we offer.  



If you've ever wanted to give Ashtanga Yoga a try, here's your chance!  It is a  sequence of postures that utilizes the ujjayi breath to rev up your heart rate while targeting core, arms, glutes, thighs, and back while building stamina and endurance. Your practice will focus on postures in the Ashtanga Primary Series.  

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Baptiste Style Power Yoga will challenge you with a fast paced intense workout that will make you sweat.  Synchronizing breath and movement to build strength, confidence and torch calories. Building strength while leaving you feeling energized.  Your body will thank you when you lay down for savasana!

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Yin + Yang yoga


The perfect blend to strengthen but also roll-out and loosen.  The class will begin with playful Vinyasa-style flow and then move into a slow and deep yin-style practice.  Perfect for those athletes in the crowd as well as those who are seeking a more chilled-out practice.  Open your body, still your mind.  A class fit for the spa!

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