Yoga Practice Times

*Registration is required for all classes  


7:00 - 8:00 PM        Align + Define          ENERGIZE  +  WORKOUT

The perfect way to start your week!   A refreshing mind body workout to develop a strong core.  Gain long, lean muscles and flexibility.  Improve sports performance to prevent injuries. It is gentle but challenging!     A vacation from your mind.   Incorporating a modern, strengthening, rehabilitating, results driven yoga practice.  Results will be a longer, leaner, stronger and more connected self.  

 *All skill levels are encouraged to attend.


7:00-8:00 PM         Yin + Yang                                      EFFORT  +  EASE 

The class will begin with a playful Yang-style vinyasa flow and then move into a slow and deep yin-style practice.  These grounding postures get deep into the body to soften muscle tension.    Open your body,  still your mind.  Gain stamina in stillness.  Yin Yoga increases flexibility and mobility by targeting the connective tissues of the body.  Break down tension, knots and stress.  Encouraging greater physical and mental stamina.     
*All skill levels are encouraged to attend. 

7:00 - 8:00 PM        Sculpt + Sweat                 COURAGE  + STRENGTH 

Use all of your major muscle groups and bring your joints through their full range of motion.   It is fun and playfully yoga practice set to a carefully curated playlist.  A rhythm so great you will forget where you are.  Creative sequences, fast paced flows and chances to tone and sweat.  Use of props in class elevate the challenge.  Stretch out worn +  torn muscles, get an extra dose of core and leave with with a taste of contentment.  

*All skill levels are encouraged to attend.


7:00-8:00 PM          Restore + Anchor             OPEN UP  +  UNWIND  

Welcome to the spa! This class is done exclusively on the ground with minimal movement.  Grounding postures get deep into the body to soften muscle tension and focus on myofascial release.  Each posture is held for an extended time.  Open your body, still your mind.  Your body is longing for this relaxing, soothing, stress melter.  Unwind from your week with deep restorative postures.  Absolutely NO vinyasas for a soulful connection and deeper breath.  Meditated Yoga!  

*All skill levels are encouraged to attend.